Manningham United Blues FC has a policy to manage game time expectations of all the clubs players.
The game time policy sets out the clubs requirements for game time for all the teams.
The policy also serves as a communication to all our parents and players to ensure the expectations of all parties are understood and agreed prior to the season commencing.
Game time policy varies by age group and level of competition that the teams are participating.

- Every player in each of our SSF teams (Under 9/s to under 12/s) will receive equal game time.
- The game time for the under 13/s to under 18/s depends on the level of competition the team is participating.
- For the first squad selected in each age group the game time will be at the coaches' discretion. However the game time of players will be monitored by the junior development coordinator and any issues discussed with the relevant coach.

- For the second and third squads selected in the under 13/s onwards the coach must ensure that each player in the squad receives a minimum of half a game.