After humble beginnings in 1999 with only three junior teams, the club originally known as Manningham Juniors Soccer Club's inaugural committee led by Paul Martinello and Tari Mallia would never have imagined the growth of the club. Fast forward to season 2015 and Manningham United has merged with Fawkner Blues SC, (who were founded in 1965), fielded 30 teams in 2014 and has grown to be the biggest community club in Manningham.

The club, created to fill a void in the area to allow players of all abilities to participate in our great game has seen many transformations; fielding senior men's teams, fielding its first girls' team, fielding its first woman's team and now merging with a great club in Fawkner Blues SC.

The club has been able to read the changing trends within and adapt to meet the needs of its members. We offer a program for the players who dream to play at the highest level and we provide a forum for those who enjoy the social aspect of this fantastic game.

Our committee is determined to create a fun, family oriented environment. We have developed a great reputation in the soccer community and all visiting clubs enjoy our club's atmosphere when they attend games at our facility.

Our club is dedicated to the pursuit of fair play and thrives on a strict code of behaviour. We believe it is vital that everyone involved in sporting activities, whether they are players, coaches, parents, officials or supporters understand their responsibilities to ensure that all participants enjoy the sport.