If you are interested in playing with us this season, please email contact@mubfc.com requesting a position within a team. Provide your name and age and we’ll get back to you.

For any queries regarding membership fees please send them through to contact@mubfc.com
Most of the 2019 teams are full or close to full however we are accepting expressions of interest at this form

What is included with membership?

Membership comes with the following benefits:
Mini-Roos and Junior Players apparel:
All Mini-Roos & Junior players will receive 2 kits: Home, Away/Training. This includes shorts, shirts, socks, jacket.
Designate goal keepers receive 2 GK tops instead of home and away playing jersey’s.
2 nights of training and games on the weekend. Generally this means about 50 training sessions and 18 games.
Fees covers FFA and FFV fees, Referee costs, club costs and utilities
Invitations to key club events
Access to Sponsor offers to members

Here are some of the items that make up the costs associated in operating the Manningham United Blues FC. Whilst this list is not exhaustive, and may change due to variable costs that may occur from time to time, it does provide a good indication of fee distribution.
1. Football Federation club affiliation fees
2. Football Federation team membership fees
3. Football Federation player registration fees
4. Football Federation referees administration levy
5. Football federation player transfer fees
6. Football Federation fines
7. FFV Team sheet books
8. Match Referee payments for juniors and seniors
9. Payment to Council for facility upgrade contributions
10. Rent for Pavilion at Timber Ridge.
11. Rent for Pavilion at Wilson’s Reserve.
12. Rent for grounds at Timber Ridge.
13. Rent for grounds at Wilson’s Reserve.
14. Hire costs for alternative grounds.
15. Floodlighting maintenance at Timber Ridge.
16. Floodlighting maintenance Wilson’s Reserve
17. Electricity for Floodlights and building at Timber Ridge Reserve
18. Electricity for Floodlights and building at Wilson Reserve
19. Gas and water costs at Timber Ridge Reserve
20. Gas and water costs at Wilson Reserve
21. Cleaning at Timber Ridge Reserve
22. Cleaning at Wilson Reserve.
23. Consumables at Timber Ridge Reserve and Wilson’s Reserve.
24. Line marking at Timber Ridge Reserve
25. Line marking at Wilsons Reserve.
26. Purchase of Nets, corner flags, pegs etc
27. Repair and Maintenance of building items at Timber Ridge Reserve
28. Repair and Maintenance of building items at Wilson Reserve
29. Purchase of Playing tops for all teams
30. Purchase of Playing shorts for all teams
31. Purchase of Playing socks for all teams
32. Purchase of training balls for all teams
33. Purchase of match balls for all teams
34. Purchase of cones and bibs for all teams
35. Director of Coaching and Team Coaching payments
36. Coaching Course reimbursements
37. Building Insurance
38. Public Liability Insurance for Timber Ridge Reserve and Wilson’s Reserve.
39. Rubbish Removal costs
40. Building Insurance
41. Telephone Lines
42. Fax Line
43. Internet subscription
44. Postage costs
45. Post Office Box costs
46. Bank Charges
47. Auditor Fees
48. Office Supplies
49. Advertising
50. Canteen Staff cost
51. Trophies
52. Web Hosting
53. Secure Email